Welcome to Raineri Construction, a young company with an established tradition of thinking .outside the box. to help clients achieve project goals.

Raineri believes three basic factors underpin a successful construction project and create a positive client experience: technical competence; teamwork; and the desire to surpass client expectations.

Raineri delivers on all counts. All Raineri employees are experienced professionals . fully qualified for the specialized roles they play within the organization and trained to take a .big picture. perspective even as they break down a project into its component parts. Likewise, the project teams we assemble are comprised of first-rate subcontracting firms who have proven their worth in the past. Finally, Raineri is driven to delight . as our ever-growing list of repeat customers and new assignments referred by past clients attest.

To learn how Raineri Construction can strengthen your team, call Tony Raineri, Director of Business Development, at 314.667.5913 or tony@rainericonstruction.com.



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